Why Fritz's?

Delicious and Effective

Not only do our edibles taste amazing, they’re sure to do the trick!  Whether you’re looking for a sweet or savoury snack, you’re sure to find something delicious to eat.  We take pride in making sure our products are a tasty way to medicate.

Accurate Dosing and Honest Reporting

We’re committed to providing consumers with accurate information about the edibles they’re consuming.  That’s why we lab test our inputs, and report the amount of activated (not infused) THC  in our products.  This gives you the most reliable information about the amount of THC you’re consuming, and allows you to have the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. 

Safe and Reliable

We take food safety very seriously.  All of our staff are trained in proper food handling and storage and we produce our products in a dedicated facility to ensure that everything we make is safe, effective, and delicious!

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